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FreightPrint™ is a software and app that helps companies track, manage, and efficiently deliver shipments.


Create a FreightPrint™ account. Add shipments, get tracking id and print labels.


Drivers can enter or scan the unique tracking id using the free FreightPrint™ mobile app.


Track locations, send statuses, get electronic signatures and pictures, setup driver checklists etc.

Do you resonate with any of these challenges?

  • You're stuck on a contract using a clunky, outdated and confusing software
  • Your system for managing logistics is manual and inefficient
  • Opportunities slip through the cracks because you can’t keep up
  • It's hard to grow your business, because you're feeling tired, overworked and burned out
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Simple to use web and mobile app, available on all devices.

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Since 2017, we've helped small shippers to large military contractors increase their productivity by 75% or more.

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