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FreightPrint™ is a software and app that helps companies track, manage, and efficiently deliver shipments.

How it Works


Start a FreightPrint™ account. Add shipments, get tracking ids and print labels.


Drivers can enter or scan the unique tracking id using the free FreightPrint™ mobile app.


Track locations, send statuses, get electronic signatures and pictures, setup driver checklists etc.

Do you resonate with any of these challenges?

  • Your system for managing logistics is manual and inefficient
  • You're stuck using a clunky, outdated and confusing software
  • Opportunities slip through the cracks because you can’t keep up
  • It's hard to grow your business, because you're feeling tired, overworked and burned out

Simple to use web and mobile app, available on all devices.

Work smart and acheive more!

What is FreightPrint™?

FreightPrint™ is a simple logistics tool that will allow you to deliver products to your customers with accuracy, consistency and simplicity. FreightPrint™ is designed to improve your efficiency by simplifying your logistics operations.

“We were looking to build from scratch. We checked out the other big name ones. Going with FreightPrint was a no brainer for us.”

Transportation Manager
Produce Distribution co.

What it does

Automated Dispatch

Easily manage your loads and match it with drivers. Schedule loads, broadcast bids, process invoices, get proof of delivery and much more.

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Shipment Tracking

Create unique tracking numbers for shipments and communicate status updates with your customers in multiple ways.

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Routing & Scanning

Streamline your routes based on real-time traffic. Scan products for accurate inventory. Calculate real-time ETAs, dwell times and other important metrics.

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APIs & Integrations

Integrate with Quickbooks, Salesforce and OrderTime software using FreightPrint™ API or integrate with 3000+ apps using Zapier-FreightPrint integration.

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“They're very flexible, they're able to maneuver, they're not a huge, large company that won't tailor a solution to you.”

Steel Processing Co.

Why use FreightPrint™?

  • Make your team efficient
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce lost product complaints
  • Increase shipment visibility
  • Manage your drivers efficiently
  • Automate accounting & documentation
  • Stop getting stuck in rigid contracts

Who uses it

3PL Companies

Trucking companies, dispatchers, shippers and freight brokers use FreightPrint™ to increase their efficiency. Simple dispatching, load tracking, load broadcast and electronic proof of delivery are some of the most commonly used features.

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Last Mile Deliveries

Furniture delivery, pharmacy delivery, food and grocery delivery and retail distributors could benefit from our easy to use routing and dispatching software. Creating routes with 20+ stops, automatic ETA calculation, dwell time metrics, proof of delivery signature and multiple pictures, scanning barcodes and QR codes are some of the useful services that speed up your logistics operations.

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Auto Parts Deliveries

Auto parts distributors, car and truck dealers, auto driveaway companies, auto auctioneers and other automotive delivery operations can see significant improvement in their process by using FreightPrint™. Routing, QR code scanning, automated shipment tracking, status updates, transferring to multiple warehouses can all be handled using FreightPrint™.

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Specialty Shippers

Antique shippers, fine arts shippers, bike shippers, e-commerce fulfillment, humanitarian aid organizations or any other specialty shippers could use FreightPrint. We offer integrations with our API, Salesforce, Quickbooks, OrderTime ERP or with Zapier. Our integration team has helped companies who need special integrations.

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“I don't feel like the relationship between our company and FreightPrint is like a vendor and a customer. I feel like we are really partners.”

Automotive Parts Co.


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