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Want to Partner?  

If you are connected to other logistics companies that would benefit from using FreightPrint™, then let’s discuss a partnership. Not only will it broaden your scope of service offerings, it will also give you the option to earn additional recurring revenue stream. 

Who Can Partner?

Logistics professionals such as freight brokers, carriers, dispatchers, creative firms, developers, consulting firms, IT firms, all make great partners, but we don’t stop there. 

We can work with anyone who is an influencer, such as writers, bloggers, podcasters etc, with a consistent process and clear messaging platform.

How is the Partnership Set Up?

The most common partnership is a referral partnership. Once you signup for our partnership program, you will receive your unique referral link and other instructions. 

It's up to you to send your unique partner link to potential customers. You'll be responsible for reaching out to your audience via email, blogs, social media or any other means. You will also have access to your partner dashboard, where you'll see your clicks, conversions and commissions.

How much is the commission?

The FreightPrint™ affiliate program pays out a 20% monthly recurring commission for every paying  customer you send us, for a maximum length of 12 months. For example: You'll receive $99.80 per month until the first anniversary, if the customer picks our $499/mo plan. There is no cap regarding how many customers you can signup.

What if I am also a FreightPrint™ Customer? 

This question gets asked a lot. 

Whether you already use FreightPrint™ either in your own business, or at your employer's business, you can become an affiliate partner. 

You can signup individually as an affiliate partner, and can create your own unique referral link. There are no limits to how many people within the same company can become an affiliate partner.

How to get started?

If you would like to learn more or get started with our affiliate partnership, please click the Get Started button below. We look forward to working with you.

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About FreightPrint

Are you managing your logistics operations either manually or using outdated and confusing software?

FreightPrint can help!

FreightPrint™ is a simple software and mobile app for logistics companies to track, organize, communicate and manage shipments efficiently.



Easy-to-use logistics technology for any business

Built to simplify your logistics operations


We know that logistics is complicated and time-consuming.

Imagine delivering orders to your customers with consistency, accuracy and simplicity.

If you're looking to streamline your shipping and logistics operations, FreightPrint™ may be what you're looking for.

Read below to learn more about key features and benefits of FreightPrint™.


Automated Dispatching, Routing & Tracking

Seamlessly Dispatch and Manage Routes


Imagine processing customer orders, automatically creating optimized routes, communicating with drivers and customers, all without spending any extra time.

Dispatch Loads

Dispatch loads on the fly. Work with carriers, brokers, dispatchers and shippers.

Automated Routes

Pick multiple shipments and create routes instantly. Assign drop numbers, edit or remove stops without contacting the drivers.

Driver Assignment

Assign a task or a route to a driver. Don't know who can do the delivery? Allow drivers to pick their loads, or broadcast loads to your carriers and have them bid on your loads.


Provide Shipment Tracking and Proof of Delivery


Improve your Delivery Experience


Free up your phone lines and staff, while exceeding your customers’ expectations. Spend your precious time closing more deals and going on vacation.

Provide Shipment Tracking

While the FreightPrint™ app provides status updates and other useful information, it can also provide you with shipment tracking.

Collect Signatures, Pictures and Notes

Create an audit trail of shipment statuses with timestamps and location stamps.Receive Proof of delivery signature and pictures instantly.


Print Labels & Manage Documents


Manage your Documents


Create and design your own shipping documents. Create templates for your customers to match their specifications.

Print QRCode Labels

Create and print QRcode labels. Add QRcodes to your shipping documents and emails. 

Design and Customize BOLs

Create and design your own shipping documents.Create and design your own shipping documents.


Customize using API, Zapier and Native Integrations

Customize and Personalize


No software is built perfectly, that’s why we allow you to customize it to your needs. FreightPrint is flexible to serve your needs.

Use API or Zapier, Request Customization

Create custom fields and custom checklists to ensure your team can track progress. Connect with SalesForce and OrderTime natively, integrate with your own in-house software using our API, or build automation with Zapier.



Start for Free today!

Download the free FreightPrint mobile app and start using it for free for 2 weeks. There is no need to enter your credit card details.

Request a Free Demo

We're here to assist you with your transportation software needs. Whether you are a small shipper or big transportation company, we'd be happy to give you a free demo of FreightPrint and answer your questions.



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“We were looking to build from scratch. We checked out the other big name ones. Going with FreightPrint was a no brainer for us.”

Transportation Manager
Produce Distribution co.



"...FreightPrint helps us to be more organized and offer a faster service to our customers..." - Auto parts shipper, CA