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  • Manage all your loads.
  • Send automated alerts to your customers.
  • Track and manage your orders (LTL or FTL).
  • Create electronic BOLs, electronic PODs, GPS Tracking.
  • Invoicing, load boards, booking, dispatch and much more...

Tired of using complex systems?

Meet straightforward and easy-to-use FreightPrint™. Our proprietary freight management system creates uniquely identifiable FreightPrints which are transmitted securely and trackable in real time by all related parties. Keep sensitive information private with our encrypted, secure service. Our goal is to make complex processes simple, and automate much of mundane tasks, so that you can focus on revenue generating tasks.


We know that in the world of logistics, how fast you get it done matters.Doing it right the first time matters too. FreightPrint™ is designed to streamline processes, manage documents, and increase shipper, driver, and customer satisfaction.

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Unlike traditional TMS solutions, FreightPrint™ is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

"...Simplicity guides the company’s philosophy around the service..." - Overdrive

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Share your freight documents in a secure way. FreightPrint™ creates trackable, access-controllable documents. Only authorized people can view the information.

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Electronic Docs

Say goodbye to stacks of paper and oversized spreadsheets with our service. Say hello to accessible electronic documents and communication. We even offer billing!

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Posted on Nov-01, 2019

The robust functionality of businesses are linked to several factors. Freight services have a vital role to play. The expansion of business has become promising with the services provided by FreightPrint. Every company adores and desires when their shipments are delivered on time and are at affordable rates with top-notch services that incorporate Freight Tracking System, Transportation Management Software, and even Freight Management Software. This specialty area is one element that must be considered before choosing FreightPrint for managing freight seamlessly. Transportation industries, as much indulged they are in freight services, must have value-added benefits that can only be achieved by utilizing commercial service providers. FreightPrint works in this domain designed to utilize tech that is full-fledged in all aspects and is significantly efficient in meeting your requirements with speed, simplicity, and first-class security. Improved technology, Transportation Management software, and Freight Tracking systems have made it easier for businesses to manage freight flawlessly. The world is condensed to one marketplace. However, the impact of globalization has amplified the competition. Various companies are now competing to deliver superior services, which in turn include the timely delivery of products and the use of Freight Management software. Quick, apt, and convenient services are vital characteristics, and FreightPrint provides such assistance to streamline processes, manage documents, increase shipper, and customer satisfaction with Transportation Management software. The success of most business solely depends on the test that it can stand true to its promises, with prompt delivery of products to the targeted market. The transportation of the goods requires extreme coordination, an excellent network system, and exceptional infrastructure. FreightPrint possesses the resources and technology to provide services as such. It is critically vital for businesses to spot companies offering unparalleled freight services. FreightPrint has years of experience working in the sector of transportation. FreightPrint is reputable and has a proven track record in the freight sector. FreightPrint is an experienced third party logistics software provider that has an established network involving the use of sophisticated freight tracking software and freight management software. Aided by this established network, the company offers top-notch services by managing all your loads, sending automated alerts to your customers, track and manage your orders (LTL or FTL), create electronic BOLs, electronic PODs, GPS tracking and welcomes accessible electronic documentation and communication. Using FreightPrint also provides you with a smart, lightweight, and user-friendly mobile app available for your Android and Apple devices.You can scan barcodes, send automated alerts, load tracking while hauling loads, and also send POD and pictures. FreightPrint's goal is to make complex processes simple and automate much of mundane tasks so that you can focus on revenue-generating tasks as you manage your shipments seamlessly without the need for your dispatch relying on paper documents.


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FreightPrint™ works with carriers, brokers, dispatchers, shippers and other parties involved in the movement of a freight. We can integrate with other third-party logistics companies.

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Want to put your brand and logo on all your documents and our app? We offer white-labeling options for high-volume customers.

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Logistics is about speed, safety and accuracy. FreightPrint™ mobile app is smart, lightweight and user-friendly, available for Android and Apple devices.

  • Scan barcodes.
  • Send automated alerts.
  • Load tracking only while hauling loads.
  • Send POD and pictures.

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