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Speed. Simplicity. Security.


  • Manage all your loads.
  • Send automated alerts to your customers.
  • Track and manage your orders (LTL or FTL).
  • Create electronic BOLs, electronic PODs, GPS Tracking.
  • Invoicing, load boards, booking, dispatch and much more...

Are you a shipper?

FreightPrint is a simple delivery logistics tool that will allow you to deliver products to your customers with accuracy, consistency and simplicity. FreightPrint is designed to improve shipper's efficiency in handling and managing their deliveries to their customers.

Plan Your Loads

Whether you work with trucking companies, or manage your own trucks, FreightPrint has the tools to manage the entire process. Some of the steps include creating a load, tendering, receiving bids, dispatching, tracking, and invoicing. Not only you save a lot of time, but also money by making the entire load management transparent and efficient.

Need a Load Planner?

Manage Dispatch

Handling the communication and dispatching of loads is a cumbersome job for any dispatcher. FreightPrint handles dispatching of loads without over complicating the process. Loads can be dispatched by clicking a button, or can be scheduled to automatically dispatch at a later date and time. Each load is automatically tracked for status and location, using FreightPrint driver apps.

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Process Invoices

Working with various trucking companies and dealing with account payables could be a nightmare for your accounting. FreightPrint creates automatic invoices for each load, on behalf of each carrier who hauled the load. These invoices will be electronically delivered to your FreightPrint dashboard for easy processing. Carriers also get to see their invoice statuses without having to call or email.

How E-Invoicing works

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Ease of Use

Most logistics tools are built for large shipping and logistics companies, as a result they are too complex to learn and harder to implement. FreightPrint is designed for shippers wanting a simple logistics management tool, without the complexities of a traditional transportation managment system (TMS). FreightPrint is also designed with your customers' delivery experience in mind. Our customer facing widgets can be easily embedded on your own website to provide your customers with a consistent branding experience. It only takes minutes to implement FreightPrint and start creating and managing loads.
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Send Documents

Electronic Bill of Lading (BOL), electronic Proof of Delivery (POD), rate confirmation and other logistics related documents can be created and managed seamlessly. Each document is embedded with a unique QR code or barcode, which allows for easy scanning using our driver mobile apps.

  • Electronic-BOL
  • Electronic-POD
  • Rate Confirmation
  • Insurance Documents

Explore E-Signature and Proof of Delivery

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We know that in the world of logistics, how fast you get it done matters. Doing it right the first time matters too. FreightPrint™ is designed to streamline processes, manage documents, and increase shipper, driver, and customer satisfaction.

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Unlike traditional TMS solutions, FreightPrint™ is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

"...Simplicity guides the company’s philosophy around the service..." - Overdrive

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Share your freight documents in a secure way. FreightPrint™ creates trackable, access-controllable documents. Only authorized people can view the information.

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Electronic Docs

Say goodbye to stacks of paper and oversized spreadsheets with our service. Say hello to accessible electronic documents and communication. We even offer billing!

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Logistics technology for your startup

You want a process that is simple and straightforward. Your customers or suppliers want to print unique labels, attach to the package, and you want your drivers to pick up and scan those packages. It’s pretty straight forward. Also, it would be nice, if you could also track these packages on a map the entire way back to your distribution war


Eliminate Paperwork with FreightPrint

Maybe you have graduated from paper to spreadsheet. That’s great! It still requires you to maintain multiple spreadsheets, and pretty soon it becomes too hard to manage, as well. Remember those oversized email attachments?


How to Track and Manage Freight Seamlessly

FreightPrint's goal is to make complex processes simple and automate much of mundane tasks so that you can focus on revenue-generating tasks as you manage your shipments seamlessly without the need for your dispatch relying on paper documents.



FreightPrint™ works with carriers, brokers, dispatchers, shippers and other parties involved in the movement of a freight. We can integrate with other third-party logistics companies.

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Are you curious about how FreightPrint™ could fit in your business? We have free presentations, product demos and much more...

Your company, your message

Want to put your brand and logo on all your documents and our app? We offer white-labeling options for high-volume customers.

Mobile friendly

Logistics is about speed, safety and accuracy. FreightPrint™ mobile app is smart, lightweight and user-friendly, available for Android and Apple devices.

  • Scan barcodes.
  • Send automated alerts.
  • Load tracking only while hauling loads.
  • Send POD and pictures.

Track Shipment

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