How to Scan Loads Using Mobile App

In this article, I’ll show you how drivers and dispatchers easily interact with FreightPrint. I’ll show you how to do four things: scan, bid, accept, and update the status of loads using the FreightPrint app.

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Easy to Use Proof of Delivery Software

Tired of calling trucking companies for proof of delivery? With FreightPrint's free mobile app, you can have electronic signatures and pictures as proof of delivery. Download the free app today.

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About FreightPrint

Are you managing your logistics operations either manually or using outdated and confusing software? FreightPrint can help.

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How to add drivers to your FreightPrint dashboard

Watch and learn how you dispatchers can easily add drivers to the FreightPrint dashboard. Drivers use the free mobile app to interact with dispatchers regarding the shipment they haul.

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3PL Broker Management Software 2024

3PL Brokers play a pivotal part in supply chain. However most brokers would tell you how tough it is to compete in the freight market. Luckily, there are ways to boost your business in 2024

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Simplify your logistics!

"...FreightPrint helps us to be more organized and offer a faster service to our customers..." - Auto parts shipper, CA