Freight Cargo Theft and Solutions

last updated 12-19-2023
by FreightPrint

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When I talked to Terry on the phone, he sounded very upset. 

Not knowing why he was upset, I asked him, “How can I help you, Terry?”

He asked me a straightforward question: “Is there a way to find out how my cargo got stolen?" 

He said it happened two times in the last month.


Multi-Billion Dollar Problem


According to the FBI, cargo theft is estimated to cost trucking companies and retailers at least $15 billion to $30 billion a year. It is adding to the supply chain disruptions that have fueled inflation.

Terry told me that even though his insurance covered most of his losses, he’s increasingly becoming less trusting of trucking companies.

I asked him whether he had a way to verify the identity of the carrier. He said no, and that he trusted the brokers to do that job for him.

Although it seems reasonable to lay that burden on the 3PLs, it doesn’t help Terry with his problem of stolen cargo.

Terry also told me he would love to find an easy solution to verify the trucks that show up at his warehouse.

I told him, I’d be happy to help him implement a check-in system for the drivers, just like the airlines use to verify each passenger that boards their aircrafts.




After several conversations we agreed that a few things need to be implemented to help with the problem.

#1 There needs to be an improvement in the freight data validation. It’s one thing to have the data available digitally, and yet another thing to ensure its accuracy.

In other words, when the broker sends a carrier to pick up a load, both the shipper and the broker need to be able to validate the legitimacy of the transaction.


#2 There needs to be clear communication regarding status changes and notification with the responsible parties.

When the carrier loads the cargo on her trailer, the shipper needs to notify the customer with pictures for proof. Carrier should be able to sign on the BOL or Load Manifest, and agree that the items are now in her possession.

#3 There needs to be an easy way to run an audit of any shipment at any given time.

Having an audit trail with timestamps, location information, signatures, pictures and notes are  very useful when things go wrong.




As the logistics industry moves more data to electronic systems, thieves will have more opportunities to steal cargo if freight owners and logistics providers are not careful.

Freight thieves can monitor when loads are moved, and pretend to be that company on paper, or over the internet. They submit the paperwork to get a load assigned to them and if they are not caught, they pick up that load and disappear.

Terry does not expect to completely avoid another cargo theft, but he believes implementing an accountability system could greatly reduce the chance of theft happening again.

Do you resonate with Terry’s story? Are you curious to find out whether this solution could work for you? 

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