Why Auto Transport Dispatchers Should Pay Attention to this Simple Technology

last updated 10-10-2022
by FreightPrint

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Auto transport industry employees have their fair share of work when it comes to documentation. Shipping a car is much more complex than sending mail, so the service that shippers, carriers, and auto transport companies are doing before dispatch involves creating and signing tens of different documents.

How QR code scanning and tracking is making life easier for transport dispatchers

Have you ever wondered why there is so much paperwork involved in shipping? At times it can seem as if the task of doing the paperwork is as time-consuming as getting shipments from one place to another. QR code scanning option in routing software is changing that by streamlining the entire process.

The complex nature of the transport and shipping industry demands thorough systems of documentation to keep all parties involved aware of the status of their shipments. That includes suppliers, warehouses, distributors, end-users, manufacturers, freight carriers etc. Throughout the history of the shipping industry, paper copies have reigned supreme as the go-to form of documentation. That is all changing with this one simple technology.

auto transport dispatchers qr codes

QR Codes are Simple and Effective

The advent of the smartphone changed the way almost every business in the world operated. Mobile apps and advances in mobile tech have made what was once impossible now an everyday occurrence. QR code tracking technology has leveraged these advances to make the job of documenting and tracking shipments simple and effective.

Let’s follow along with Jake, our driver, to see how this technology has made his job easier and more effective. Jake is loading a shipment of new cars from one lot and moving them to another lot in a neighboring city. 

Drivers Can Go Directly to Car Lots and Load the Right Vehicles

By using QR code scanning technology, Jake can pull right into the parking lot and begin loading the right vehicles onto his truck. The QR codes let him know which vehicles are to be loaded and which are to stay, quickly and easily. 

Take Pictures That Show the Conditions of the Vehicles as They Are Loaded

Using the QR code scanning app on his smartphone, Jake takes photos of each of the vehicles and their condition before he loads them onto the truck. These photos are uploaded and paired with the QR code belonging to the car, ensuring that there is no confusion as to which photo goes with which car. Anyone involved in the shipping process who has access can view the photos and the progress of the shipments.

Get Signatures from the Yard Manager for Every Auto Transport Delivery

Before Jake leaves, the yard manager signs off on the pick-up. This is also updated in the system and linked to the individual QR codes assigned to each vehicle. 

Track by VIN# by Scanning QR Codes of the Vehicles 

Each vehicles VIN# is tied to its QR code. This eliminates the potential for confusion with similar-looking cars or large loads of vehicles. All the relevant details are stored on the app. Who picked it up at what time, who approved it, the condition of the order… all recorded and centralized with the scan of a smartphone.

QR Code Scanning and Tracking for Your Transport Industry Business

QR codes are a simple technology that makes everyone’s job easier. Everyone from dispatchers to drivers and everyone else in between benefits from the higher level of efficiency that QR code scanning provides. 

At Freightprint, it is our job to make your life easier by providing effective and innovative tools that work. 

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