What Is Custom Freight Tracking and Do You Need It?

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When they leave warehouses, shipments start a long journey to the end customer. There are many systems and tools set up for a specific parcel to reach its final destination. 

One of them is freight tracking. In this article, we will go through the features of custom or personalized cargo tracking, and its benefits and give you some tips on how to implement it in your business.

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What is Freight Tracking?

Freight tracking enables your customers to see where their purchased goods are during the delivery process. It shows the location and ETA of shipments online with the help of a tracking number, which makes it possible to find them instantly. 

In other words, this technology makes transportation run smoothly while letting the customer know where their package is at any given moment until it reaches their doorstep. It’s just one of the tools that give your customers the best shipping experience.

What is Custom Freight Tracking?

Custom freight tracking lets you set up freight track according to your company's needs. It’s like regular cargo tracking, but you decide what’s important to you in the tracking process and set up the software accordingly.

In custom freight systems, you can track and trace loads more easily, change electronic signatures, and proof of delivery documents, and send different statuses to your drivers and customers. 

Benefits of Personalized Freight Tracking

Shipment tracking gives you better shipping transparency and lets you manage logistic processes easily.

As a result, your customers start trusting your business more and you can create long-term relationships with them.

But specialized cargo track can bring many other benefits, not only the ones that have to do with the customer, but with the business also. Here are some of the reasons why you should implement this type of track and trace technology into your logistics business.

Timely deliveries

Customers are delighted when they receive a package on time. After all, that’s what they paid for. 

Cargo tracking software works in a way to assign a specific custom freight tracking number to every package which is then tracked within an app. It helps determine the ETA and makes sure that the deliveries are on time.

Moreover, there’s much less hassle when knowing how many packages are on the road and how many are in your warehouse.

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Better customer experience

A specialized freight tracker process inevitably leads to a better customer experience. 

When they can’t wait for a package to arrive, customers check its status constantly, even a few minutes after ordering. In fact, 90% of consumers track their orders and 33% of them check the delivery status 2 or more times, according to Metapack.

A great shipment tracking system builds trust and customer loyalty. When they know where their goods are at any given moment, customers trust your business.


A dedicated cargo tracking software creates an automated tracking system. It gives information about the deliveries to the business and to the customer within the app.

So, once shipped, a customer can see where their shipment is without manually checking the website every few minutes.

Analytics and insights 

When you customize your tracking system, it can give you accurate insights into how your deliveries are performing. Analytics lets you understand how it’s all going and where you can improve your trucking processes.

Once you take the information you need and accumulate it, this data can show you all the tiny failures in the dispatch process. That way you can assess and correct those hiccups, ultimately giving the best experience to your customers.

Staying competitive

Businesses that use tracking systems have a better approach to the customers and increased efficiency. Those that can provide accurate ETAs and delivery windows while communicating with customers will stay competitive in their respective niches.

Since so many companies invest enormous amounts of money in new technologies for their shipping or trucking businesses, it’s important to have the best tracking technology on the market.

Cost reduction

The last important benefit of introducing a custom track to your freight business is the reduction of expenses associated with the transport of goods.

Tracking enables you to find a better route depending on the dispatch times and save some transport costs. Your employees will spend less time driving and you’ll spend less money on gas.

Another thing that custom track brings is fewer expenses due to wrong delivery places or redeliveries.

What’s more, you will be able to handle customer complaints more easily since you know where the package was at any given moment. Your customers will be happy in the end because they’ll receive their package on time or ahead of time.


Custom freight systems can bring numerous benefits to your delivery business. 

It creates more transparency and gives the customer crucial information about the delivery status of their shipment. It boosts the communication between your business and the customer but also creates more customer satisfaction and gives your business more authority in the niche.

Choose FreightPrint as your custom tracking software today and give your customers a reason to shop from you frequently.

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