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last updated 04-16-2022
by FreightPrint

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Track and Trace Solutions

It is no secret that your customers want to know where their shipment is. Whether it is an order for paper towels or a pallet of potatoes, shipment tracking has become a quintessential function of logistics operations. However most shippers rely on manual check calls and other complex methods to provide tracking details to your customers. 


Benefits of Shipment Tracking Software

Many transportation management systems (TMS) that offer track and trace functionality still depend on manual processes. They either ping the driver's phone, or send tracking links to be updated by the drivers manually. It also costs shippers extra to add tracking services to their TMS providers. 

Imagine tracking every load you dispatch with any carrier without doing any extra work. Indeed, the word FreightPrint was coined to capture the meaning: “it is your freight’s footprint.” Every load can be tracked and traced in real-time or at regular intervals. FreightPrint also captures several statuses throughout the order delivery, such as dispatched, driver assigned, loaded, unloaded, delivered, invoiced, paid etc. 


Free Shipment Tracking Mobile App

Need to verify the accuracy of the delivery addresses automatically? FreightPrint captures the geographic location coordinates of each delivery location and verifies it instantly, and records it for accuracy. 

Gone are the days where you needed to reserve tracking numbers and pre-assign it to carriers and brokers, so that your transportation management software (TMS) could function. Drivers and haulers whom you work with don’t have to login or type anything. All they need to do is to simply download the free FreightPrint mobile app for Apple and Android phones. 

FreightPrint is designed with shippers' efficiency and need for simplicity in mind. Is it easy to set up and onboard an owner operator, or an independent 3PL broker? Can you work with any number of drivers? Is it straightforward to implement and get started? The answer is YES!


Logistics Tracking System and Google Maps

If you have multiple trucks and drivers hauling loads, you know how important it is to track the status of each truck. Some dispatchers still track trucks on a white board, with magnetic labels, or post it notes. Others use complex spreadsheets and track manually. There is one problem with these solutions - they have to be maintained manually by a person, and doesn't scale.

FreightPrint™ offers track and trace for every load. There is no need to do extra work in order to track your loads, or get updates from the driver. It automatically would get updates and keeps you and others informed.


Use Shipment Tracking API

Do you already have a technical or software developers who would want to get the tracking data without frills? 

Sometimes what you need is just the data. Nothing else. Contact our team to get the full access to our API. Need to track and trace a single load using bill of lading? Want to develop a tool for your internal use, and want to use our tracking data? We can help.


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Track and trace is a powerful feature in logistics. Thankfully, with FreightPrint™, there are no extra steps or need to integrate with other shipment tracking software. 

All you need to do is sign up for an account, and start moving loads. Tracking is a core service we offer at no extra cost. 

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